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Image by Alexander Grey

Polysexuality, also referred to as plysexuality or polisexuality, is characterized by sexual attraction to various genders, although not necessarily encompassing all genders. Individuals identifying as polysexual may experience sexual attraction to a range of genders, spanning at least two and potentially many more. While some polysexual individuals may have a specific gender preference, it is not a universal characteristic.

The term "polysexual" finds its roots in the Greek prefix "polus," meaning "many." Additionally, the Greek prefix "polloi," signifying "much," may have contributed to its formation.

Coined in the late 1920s, "polysexual" initially existed in the context of polyamory, which involves the practice or desire for multiple simultaneous romantic, sexual, or queerplatonic relationships. However, as the term gained recognition over the past few decades, it has evolved independently from associations with non-monogamy/monoamory.

The polysexual flag, designed in 2012 by Tumblr user fuckyeahpolysexuality, features three distinct stripes. The first, in pink, symbolizes attraction to women, while the second, in green, represents attraction to non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals. The bottom stripe, in blue, signifies attraction to men. This flag serves as a visual representation of the diverse attractions within the spectrum of polysexuality.

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