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vanlige spørsmål


Image by Alexander Grey

Aboy, also known as amale, is a gender identity falling within the agender spectrum. It refers to an individual who identifies as agender but finds comfort or has no issue being perceived as a male or presenting themselves in a masculine manner.

It's important to distinguish aboy from demiboy or libramasculine. A demiboy is someone who partially identifies as male, while aboy individuals strictly identify as agender but are content with or prefer being perceived as male or masculine. Libramasculine, on the other hand, describes an individual who primarily identifies as agender but maintains a slight connection to masculinity or manhood. Aboy individuals do not feel a connection to manhood but are accepting of or prefer to be perceived as male or masculine.

The feminine counterpart to aboy is Agirl.

This term was introduced by Discord user Monarch on June 11, 2021.

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