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Our security tips on the application

At Himoon, we aim to create a "safe" space for the LGBTQ+ community. The term 'safe' is to be understood in every sense of the word, and this encompasses:

A. Security

B. Health

A. Safety:

At Himoon, we make security our top priority.

Every aspect of Himoon has been designed to create a space as "safe" as possible for genuine connections.

By joining the Himoon community, you align with our strong values.

Conceptually, Himoon assures you:


    The concept of blurred photos and gradual unveiling allows everyone to remain anonymous and only reveal themselves to those with whom there are genuine interactions. You are in control as you decide whether or not to reveal yourself to your conversational partner.


    The concept of gradual unveiling encourages genuine exchanges. It is not conducive to those seeking a quick experience and who do not wish to take a bit more time for quality encounters. Other well-known applications may be better suited for more 'ephemeral' meetings.


    A conversation is only initiated if there is mutual interest from both parties. At Himoon, you are only contacted by people who genuinely interest you!


    The "gender pronoun" field is clearly displayed in the chat environment, reducing the risk of misgendering.

    On a technical level, everything is also implemented to prioritize security.


    When you're talking to a verified member, our profile verification system ensures that the person you're chatting with matches the one in the profile picture.


    Reports and blocks are immediately escalated to the moderation team at Himoon. Each case is carefully reviewed, and appropriate measures are taken, which may include permanently banning an account.


    Your private information will NEVER be shared with third parties.


    In swiping, our recommendation algorithm only connects you with people whose preferences "match" yours.

But that's not all!

Despite all the measures taken to ensure a "safe" space in terms of features and data protection, there are some basic rules to follow to ensure your meetings take place in complete safety.

Here is a list of good practices to follow, on the app and before a date.

On the Application

  • Do not share personal information

    Never make public any information that could identify you, such as your last name, phone number, social media profiles, or information about the company you work for.
    If you wish, you can use pseudonyms on the application. The "My first name" field can be edited as many times as you want in the "profile editing" page.

  • Report suspicious accounts

    Be cautious of profiles without a photo or with a barely visible face (after unveiling).
    Be especially vigilant if the profile is not verified.
    In case of inappropriate messages, inappropriate photos, harassment, phishing attempts, or if you experience discrimination, report the person using the designated buttons in the application and/or by sending us a message.
    The information will be forwarded to the Himoon moderation team, and appropriate measures, including potentially permanently banning the reported account, will be taken.
    You will no longer be connected with individuals you choose to block or report.

  • Stay within Himoon's secure space for chatting

    Do not quickly share your phone number, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, or any other means of communication apart from Himoon.
    Make sure to have a substantial conversation with the person before revealing more information. It's you (and only you) who should feel comfortable, do not let yourself be influenced, even (and especially) if the person is insistent.

  • Avoid following suspicious links

    On Himoon, as well as elsewhere on the Internet, do not follow any dubious links sent to you.

  • Never send money and never share your financial data

    On Himoon, as well as elsewhere on the Internet, never share your financial information and never send money to anyone you meet online.

  • Use the Invisible Mode

    If you wish to no longer appear in the application's swipe, while still keeping your matches and conversations, use the application's Invisible Mode!
    If you are traveling in countries that are not safe for the LGBTQ+ community, it is also advisable to use the Invisible Mode to ensure your discretion and safety.

Before a Date

  • Take your time

    There's no rush! On Himoon, we encourage everyone to go at their own pace and to maintain control over each new encounter.

  • Have a call (preferably video) before meeting the person

    Before meeting the person face-to-face, schedule a call (preferably video) with your future date. This is a great way to discuss each other's desires and build excitement for a real meeting afterward.

  • Visit your future date's social media profiles

    The idea here isn't to turn you into an "expert stalker," but rather to verify as thoroughly as possible that the person you're about to meet aligns with your expectations.
    If the person's account is empty, with few friends/followers, and/or appears to have been created very recently, exercise extra caution.

  • Meet for the first time in a public place

    For a first date, don't arrange it at your place or theirs! And certainly not in an isolated location. Ensure that your first date takes place in a public and populated area, such as a bar, restaurant, busy park, or shopping mall.

  • Inform a friend about your date

    It won't cost you anything, and it's always better to be safe than sorry! Let one of your close friends know that you have a date arranged through a dating app, and specify the location.
    Also, inform this person of the scheduled time of the date, and send them a quick message to reassure them when you're there and everything is going well!

  • Plan an exit strategy and don't rely on anyone for transportation

    Be independent! Do not rely on anyone, especially your future date, for transportation to the meeting point or for getting back home.
    If you are unable to ensure this independence, consider postponing the date or agreeing on a different location. Always have an exit plan in place.

  • Set your own boundaries

    Know your limits and stick to them.
    On Himoon as well as in everyday life, never give in to pressure, and do not let anyone influence you to do things you do not want to do.

  • Trust your instincts and do not feel guilty about canceling

    In general, trust your instincts. For a new encounter to be the beginning of a real connection, it's important that both of you genuinely want it!
    If you're not feeling it, don't push further. There's no shame in wanting to take a little more time or changing your mind.

B. Health:

Using Himoon, it's likely that you may meet people in real life whom you find appealing.

Before becoming physically intimate with your partner(s), discussing sexual health is crucial.

It cannot be emphasized enough, protect yourself against STIs. It's the responsibility of each individual.

Protect Yourself

Condoms (male or female), when used correctly, significantly reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting a sexually transmitted infection, such as HIV.

For more information:


Get tested regularly, and share the results with your partner(s).

In the case of unprotected intercourse, get tested as soon as possible.

For more information:

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