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Image by Alexander Grey

Abrosexual meaning is that of a term used to describe an individual whose sexuality is characterized by change and fluidity. Unlike the common experience of shifts in sexual identity over the course of a lifetime, abrosexual individuals may undergo more frequent changes, fluctuating between different orientations such as gay, asexual, or polysexual. These changes can occur within hours, days, months, or years.

Due to the unpredictable nature of their attractions, some abrosexual individuals may not feel compelled to actively pursue relationships. The timing and regularity of these fluctuations vary among individuals—some may experience erratic changes, while others may have more predictable patterns.

The range of sexualities to which a person fluctuates also varies. Some abrosexual individuals may navigate fluidly across all sexual orientations, while others may experience changes within a specific subset. Terms like abrosexual gay and abrosexual lesbian specifically denote individuals who are at times, primarily, or consistently attracted to the same gender, while maintaining some fluidity in their sexual attractions.

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