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Femboy, also referred to as Tomgirl, Rosboy, or Janegirl, is a term used to describe individuals who defy traditional gender norms, specifically those associated with being male, and express themselves in a feminine manner.[1][2][3][4][5] This expression is often manifested in clothing, external appearance, behaviors, and interests. The term "femboy" is a combination of "feminine" and "boy."

Rosboy closely resembles femboy but emphasizes that the feminine aspect is not confined to outward presentation; it can also be an integral part of one's internal gender identity.

Rosboy is sometimes used as an alternative to femboy to distance itself from the sexualized connotations associated with femboys. However, it has faced criticism for being viewed as a term of censorship. Rosboy identities are signified by the suffix "-rose" and the color blue, distinct from the romantic-sexual prefix "-rose."

Initially used pejoratively in the 1990s to describe males perceived as presenting femininely, femboy has evolved into a more positive term within the LGBT+ community, specifically for men with a feminine gender expression.

The popularity of the femboy identity grew in the 2010s, accompanied by the creation of flags and a significant online presence. Unfortunately, due to certain communities fetishizing femboys, the identity has acquired a stereotype as purely sexual, making it contentious for some to identify as such.

Various femboy communities exist across platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Reddit, encompassing both NSFW and SFW content. Communities such as the subreddit r/feminineboys aim to challenge the stereotype of femboys being exclusively fetishized and strive to portray it as a non-sexualized identity. The TikTok hashtag #femboyfriday has garnered media attention, though some coverage tends to mischaracterize femboys as merely a trend.

Prominent internet personalities embracing the femboy identity include F1nn5ter, Femboy Fishing, and Mako Rays.

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