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Image by Alexander Grey

Genderless generally refers to individuals who lack a specific gender identity or do not identify with any particular point on the gender spectrum. Those experiencing an absence or void of gender may also align themselves with this term.

It is sometimes synonymous with agender and serves as an umbrella term encompassing various identities reflecting a lack or absence of gender altogether.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, genderless denotes lacking qualities typically associated with either sex. The term is often associated with fashion and style, particularly in Japanese and Korean cultures.

Genderless individuals typically adopt gender-neutral or neopronouns. However, some may use traditional pronouns like he/him or she/her if they find them comfortable.

It's essential to consistently share your pronouns in both spoken and written communication. When uncertain about someone's pronouns, it's advisable to ask directly or inquire with their associates. Making assumptions based on gender identity or expression should be avoided.

Various versions of the genderless flag exist online, with most featuring similar colors. The latest and widely accepted flag is inspired by non-binary and agender flags.

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