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Keitä me olemme?

Welcome to the Himoon community, the LGBTQ+ dating app open to all

Our mission & vision

In our opinion, we all deserve to live real love stories.

Our mission is to offer new dating opportunities where the personality is valued as much as looks.

Himoon was created on the basis of 4 fundamental values:


    1. Everybody is welcomed

The door to our community is open to everyone. Welcoming means tolerance and respect for all, so that everyone can feel included. This starts with gender equality, but we strive for equality at all levels, communities, and minorities.


    2. Audacity

We want to enable everyone to find the courage to live their wildest dreams. We're all confronted with situations that aren't always easy, but we encourage everyone to progress step by step. Whether it's the first step or not...

    3. Authenticity

This means being true to our values, without pretension. Each of us must be able to be ourselves in all simplicity. This is not at odds with the notion of anonymity, which should enable each of us to show our true selves.


Security has been at the heart of our application from day one. This means not only data protection, but also continuous moderation combined with verification of each new profile.

Miksi nimi Himoon?

"Hei" on se, mitä sanot aloittaaksesi keskustelun, ja "kuu" on olemassa romantiikkaa ja löytöjä varten, mutta myös kuun asteittaista paljastamista, jolla on piilotettu puoli.

Mitä enemmän, Cebuanossa (Filippiineillä puhuttu kieli) ) himoon tarkoittaa "olla", "tulea", "tehdä"; ja "toteuttaa".

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