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How to meet LGBTQ+ people in Belgium?

If you too have already wondered how to have great LGBTQ encounters in Belgium , then you have come across the right article! No matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, whether friendly or romantic, we are here to offer you a range of options and ideas to get you out of your loneliness . Are you looking to have a gay meeting in Belgium , a lesbian meeting in Belgium or even a trans meeting in Belgium  ? So keep reading!

“How to meet LGBT people in Belgium ? » So the first thing most of us do is type gay dating Belgium into a search engine, alternatively it will be trans dating Belgium or lesbian dating Belgium. It's a good starting point but...

We know that our beautiful country of Belgium is quite vast and rich in culture, which is why in order to help you as best as possible we have chosen to divide this article into the main gay-friendly cities so that you can see more clearly.

1. BRUSSELS LGBT MEETING (gay/lesbian/bi/trans)

Belgium at night lGBTQ colours

Brussels is a very large city where thousands of people meet every day. There are many people who want to meet people in Brussels , friendly or romantic, LGBT person or not. Whether for a gay meeting in Brussels , or a lesbian meeting or even a trans meeting in Brussels  : to be ready for THE meeting that could change your life, here are some tips and places that could help you in your quest. Firstly, have confidence in yourself and assert yourself, you will immediately attract more attention and attention from others. Secondly, we have selected some nice places for you such as the Saint-Jacques district which is located not far from the Grand-Place , a fundamental place for the LGBT community in Brussels . We also recommend Rue du Marché au Charbon and Rue des Pierres where there are a multitude of gay-friendly bars . You can have a drink there and why not find a relationship for one night or for life if you wish .


Would you like to meet more people in Namur ? From gay meetings in Namur , to lesbian meetings and trans meetings in Namur , here are some gay-friendly establishments located right in the center that will allow you to meet people. 

Rue des Brasseurs offers you a slew of bars, clubs and restaurants that will allow you to meet many LGBT people in the heart of the city. There is also the CHEN (homosexual student circle of Namur) which also organizes evenings from time to time at L'Arsenal, a university restaurant located on the banks of the Sambre.


LGBTQ friends drinking & eating

Let's now look at the LGBT and gay friendly addresses located in the Hors-Château district very close to the center of Liège, the Cité ardente . This area promises us many gay bars and friendly LGBT cafes which will allow you to meet all kinds of people, whether it's a one-night stand (be careful to always be safe or more serious .


Do you want to meet LGBT people in Charleroi but you don't know where to start? Are you wondering how to go about it? Whether you are gay, lesbian, bi or trans in Charleroi , it's simple, keep reading this article! Charleroi is a festive and culturally rich city with many bars, clubs or even performance halls which could constitute the ideal first date but before thinking about this first date, you will tell us that we must first find THE no one, don't worry we'll get there. Here is a non-exhaustive list of rather nice and above all gay-friendly places where you can meet great people for a drink and/or more and affinities.

First of all, on rue Vauban there is one of the oldest gay bars in Belgium and quite well known to the LGBT community , the Bahamas . You can also find Gigi, a gay bar where you will have the opportunity to sip, talk and above all meet gay people in Charleroi. And last but not least, let's not forget the MAC of Charleroi (charleroi rainbow house), which is a safe and inclusive space and which is open every working day of the week until 5 p.m. The Charleroi MAC is located Rue Prunieau 1, 6000 Charleroi.

It is true that we have offered you many gay-friendly places and establishments which will allow you to discover and see people but there is also another alternative for the shyest among us or quite simply for those who prefer to start with the virtual . A multitude of LGBT dating sites and LGBT applications are at your disposal such as Grindr, SCRUFF, Hornet, HER but also Himoon.

With Himoon , you will have the opportunity to meet LGBT people in Belgium, close to home in a safe and inclusive environment. This is why we invite you to discover more via this link . The app is 100% free so now is the time to meet real people in Belgium, LGBT or not. Go for it, we're just waiting for you and today we're offering you 5 boosts to discover the concept more quickly 😊.

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