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Is there a serious transgender dating app?

Eye closed with transgender colors

Finding a serious Transgender Dating App

Finding a serious transgender dating app can be hard. Many transgender people will share this observation: “Meeting open-minded people and finding love is not easy.” Whether in everyday life, at work, at school, in the evening or on dating apps, discrimination is too often part of everyday life.

The LGBTQIA+ application Himoon has its role to play in the fight against transphobia and does everything possible to highlight inclusiveness on the platform.

For transgender people, it may be interesting to understand how the app works so that their experience is as good as possible.

In this article, we will detail certain features designed to make everyone feel good on the application, and to enable serious transgender encounters.

If you would like to share your experience with us on the app, or if you have recommendations for adding new features to ensure your security and/or inclusiveness, do not hesitate to contact us at .

What is Himoon?

As a reminder, Himoon is an LGBTQIA+ dating application that wants to highlight personality before physicality.

The concept is simple: the photo is revealed as the conversation progresses .

For each new profile that registers on the application, the photos are blurred. It is therefore on the basis of personality that matches are made. When registering, you are asked to complete a description, answer certain funny questions (a sense of humor is important too!), list your interests, in order to expand your profile. better.

Since the photo is no longer the one and only selection criterion (as is the case on other dating applications), it is the opportunity to highlight the person that we really are, and that That’s what counts in the end!

When there is a match, the conversation can begin! With each message exchanged, a small pixel of the photo is revealed. It takes 81 exchanges for the photo to fully reveal itself. It takes patience, and taking the time to really be interested in the other person, but it's worth it. The meetings are often of much better quality.

In addition to the exciting side created by the impatience to discover the other, this concept of progressive disclosure reduces the risk for transgender people of being victims of fetishism, since the physical aspect takes second place.

Should I specify that I am a transgender person?

Short answer: On Himoon, you do what you want.

When registering on the application, you are asked to specify your gender identity. Among the many choices offered, there are:

  • Women

  • Man

  • Non-binary

  • Trans woman

  • Trans man

  • Cis woman

  • Cis man

  • Customizable field

You are free to specify the field that best suits you. The customizable field allows you to specify elements that would not be included in the proposed fields.

This information will not be visible to other members on the app. They are used for the sole purpose of providing you with appropriate recommendations for your meetings.

If you want to visibly clarify to others that you are a trans person, which is of course not obligatory, it is possible! Several customizable fields to complete in the profile edition gives you the opportunity to do so.

Detailing your description further and giving as many details as possible will allow you to have more quality matches and not “waste” time with people who are not suitable for you. Communication is the foundation of any relationship, and that goes for virtual dating too!

What should I do if I am the victim of transphobic comments on the app?

Block, and report.

Discrimination, regardless of its form, is not tolerated under any circumstances on the application.

You are given the opportunity to specify the reason for the report. The information then goes back to our moderation interface.

Transphobic remarks = permanent ban from the application.

It's that simple.

Is it possible to only talk to transgender people on the app?

If Himoon can be used for romantic encounters, it can also be used for friendly encounters!

We want to allow you to interact with people who have the same life journey, or to ask advice from people who really understand you, because they have also been there.

With this objective, it is therefore possible to filter users to only speak to trans people.

Is it possible to specify my gender pronouns?


The “gender pronoun” field is customizable in the “profile editing” section of the application.

The proposed fields are as follows:

  • she she

  • he him

  • they-them

  • iel-iel

  • unspecified

  • customizable field

Here again, the customizable field allows you to specify a pronoun that is not pre-filled.

Regarding adjective agreement, we ensure that they agree correctly according to the information you specify when registering.

If some information is missing, we default to inclusive writing.

Help us improve

We do not claim to be the perfect application. People who are not open-minded are everywhere, and it's very sad. We do not yet live in a tolerant world.

On Himoon however, we are in this process of constantly improving!

Once again, if you want to share your feedback with us on the application, or if you have any suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to contact us at .

We are listening as much as possible to make Himoon a “safe” and inclusive online place.

We also invite you to read our safety tips on the application and before an appointment.

We wish you great encounters!

See you soon on the app!

The Himoon team

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